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Kentucky Couple Names Their Baby 'Covfefe'

by Elroy Willis -- June 1, 2017

LEXINGTON, KY (EAP) -- A Kentucky couple named their newborn baby boy 'Covfefe' after seeing the name used by President Donald Trump in a tweet last week. They said they had been struggling with deciding on a name and when they saw the President's tweet, they both felt that God spoke to them and felt the hair on the back of their necks stand up.

"It's just such an awesome name," said Joe Roland, father of the new baby boy. "We also gave him a middle name of Donald because we like President Trump so much," said Wilma Roland, first time mother. "Covfefe Donald Roland just rolls off the tongue and is so unique we're sure our son will grow up to be as smart and famous as President Trump."

"We decided to make the first 'f' sort of silent," said Mrs. Roland. "The 'v' and 'f' mix together so the name sounds like 'cove-fay' not 'cawv-fe-fey' or 'cove-fe-fay' like some people are pronouncing it."

"Some of our liberal friends are making fun of us but we don't care," they told a local reporter who talked to the couple yesterday morning. "All of the people in our church just love the name and fully support us, so that's all that really matters to us," they said.

"Our church is so full of support and love for President Trump that we burst into tears when we sing songs about Him in church on Sunday mornings." "Some of us fall to the floor and roll around, imagining that we're being touched by his presence."

"We sent President Trump a picture of our baby boy and asked him to autograph it and hope that he signs it and returns it back to us," they said.

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